What is a healthy lifestyle?

The healthy lifestyle not only explains how to prepare the recipe but also why it is important to eat a healthy meal at least once a day. Especially for those who struggle with eating. Learning the benefits why it is important to eat helps many of those who forget to eat or are trying to loose weight. And YES! It is possible to eat healthy and loose weight. I am talking to those who are not big fans of working out or don't have time. Read more to find how what recipe suits you the best!

Over 20 Recipes

All the recipes take less than 30 min to prepare. Not only will you enjoy a delicious bowl or snack but you will learn the benefits you are receiving from each recipe. We all want to stay healthy and have a simple lifestyle.

Delicious Bowls & Breakfast

  • Oatmeal Bowls

  • Smoothie Bowls

Delicious Smoothies & Snacks

  • Yogurt

  • Smoothies

  • Overnight Oats

To view the full recipes, check out my book where you will find all types of snacks, bowls and breakfast to eat!

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