Easy, Simple but most importantly Healthy

A recipe should not only be easy & simple. Having a recipe that is ALSO healthy is a plus! Most recipes that we all know are easy and simple but they are not healthy. A easy, simple and healthy recipe AND lifestyle something most of us need when we are struggling what to eat or when we are looking for something to eat that will benefit us and our body. In this book most of the recipes are made with all natural ingredients. To learn more about the ingredients CLICK HERE to view some of the items that are being used.

50+ Recipes (Including Baking & Cooking)

All the recipes are 1-2 servings. In order to make more than what the recipe call just double the ingredients. Smoothies and bowls will take 10 minutes to prepare. When it comes to baking and cooking the recipes will take longer to prepare. All recipes are easy, simple but most importantly healthy.


  • Oatmeal Porridge Bowls

  • Smoothie Bowls


  • Yogurt

  • Smoothies

  • Overnight Oats


  • Pancakes

  • Healthy Bars

  • Baked Oats


April 2021

To view the full recipes, check out my book where you will find all types of snacks, bowls and breakfast to eat!

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